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11winners in spain Unreal in Spain Unreal at Bernabeu By 1995 Kelly and McVicar had retired and Cairns pushed on forming an Unreal Madrid 11-a-side team. The team compete in the Scottish Unity League which promotes multi-cultural, anti-sectarian football and is supported by the “show racism the red card” organisation.

Unreal Madrid were crowned league champions in the 2006/07 season, after finishing runners-up for 3 consecutive seasons. The track record also shows that we are twice winners of the Invitational Cup and twice winners of the League Cup. We have a “no-discrimination” policy and have fielded players of various races and religions over the years.

The “Unreal Madrid” name has now been copied by some other teams throughout the UK. However, although we’ve been impersonated, rest assured we are the “REAL” and ORIGINAL Unreal Madrid. In April 2010 we made it all the way to the Bernabeu stadium. By invitation, we were also honoured and privileged to help Real Madrid celebrate the 50th anniversary of their famous 1960 European cup triumph in Glasgow, by playing a match against these legends of the game. The Glasgow-Madrid Cup (sponsored by Glasgow City Marketing Bureau) was won by Real Madrid, who beat us 4-0 on Tuesday 13th April 2010 in Madrid.

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