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Bienvenida! (a wee touch of Spain) Welcome!
This is the story of a football teams journey from the drawing board to a meeting with “the team of the century”. Enjoy your visit to our site.

What will we call our new 5’s team? That was the big question back in 1991, when Cairns, McVicar and Kelly gathered in a quiet Glasgow office to plan the identity of their new football team. For a bunch of unbelievably bad Scottish guys in dodgy strips who were in awe of the mighty Real Madrid the answer was staring them in the face!

It was the early days of outdoor 5’s on astroturf and the guys wanted in on it. A decent team name was high on the list of priorities. After all, they had to compete with the likes of Kaiserslaughtered, AC Milanda, Bayer Neverloosen and of course Sparcelona. They were soon left with some straight choices… "Saturdays or Wednesdays?", "astros or boots?", “Outer” Milan or “Unreal” Madrid? They were a million miles from being “Galacticos…"

…and they didn't really think much about
where the name might take them!